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Alongside Rice, Naan Breads and Chapaties are the two staples in South AsianCuisine which complete a meal. Bread is an essential accompaniment to any South Asian dish. Naan Breads are best served warm as an accompaniment to all types of curries.

We use only the finest ingredients, and all of our products are GM free, suitable for vegetarians, and contain no artificial colourings or flavourings.

Moreover, Naan breads, particularly the Tandoori Naan, and the round Super Naan are great to use as wraps for traditional South Asian fillings such as Kebabs, Chicken and Fish Tikka and a whole variety of both veg and non-veg foods. They are also ideal to serve with salads, pickles and barbequed foods. Many traditional English Caterers are now increasingly using Naan breads with Traditional British foods such as Bacon, Salads, and Sandwich fillings. So the uses really are only limited by the imagination.

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